Barcelona Pavilion

Stairs to Horizon



Category: Competition

Year: 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain

All that city... you just couldn't see an end to it...

The end, please, could you show me the end?

And the noise.

On that damn gangway... everything was very nice...

And I was grand too, in my overcoat.

I cut a fine figure and I had no doubts about getting off.

With my blue hat.

First step, second step, third step

First step, second step, third step

First step, second…

It's not what I saw that stopped me,

it was what I didn't see.

Can you understand, brother? What I didn't see.

In all that sprawling city, there was everything except an end. There was everything.

But there was no end. What I couldn't see was where all that came to an end.

The end of the world.

Take a piano. The keys begin, the keys end.

You know there are 88 of them, and no-one can fool you about that.

They are not infinite, you are infinite.

And inside those keys, infinite is the music that you can play.


[Novecento: a monologue by Alessandro Baricco]

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A “square point”:

The city can be considered as multi form, but unitary body, with the basic structure of the square "manzana" where each part draws meaning from establishing relations with all other parts.

So, the pavilion is like a “square point,” oriented with a side facing the Rambla. It’s really like a piano key, catchable in its well-defined size, that takes its strength from being a single note within a homogeneous keyboard.

It’s in dialogue with the Columbus Monument and along with it, it becomes a “chorus” not a “solo” announcing the presence of the sea for those who take the road coming from Ciutat Vella: the wonderful old town embraced by Cerdà’s "Ensanche".

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To see, to show and to let see:

The building is a metal structure (steel covered with glass and tissue) consisting of three levels. It’s mainly a relational and contemplative space, surely a significant meeting point for turists, travelers and citizens.

The theme of a vertical element developed in its height, in order "to see, to show and to let see" its intention was signal not to disturb, but to enrich the urban horizon.

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The external staircase takes on a symbolical meaning: it is like the ladders of the ships near the port. Providing a landing to the temporary pavilion and after the visit, you can decide either to stay up for a while, to let impress forever an emotion in your mind, or go down away in search for a new adventure.

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Weigh anchor! Ready to sail:

The site will undergo a reconfiguration: it’ll take the consistency of an "in-between space,” where the difference between public and private, open and closed, home and city will not be so clear, but partly ambiguous; the qualities that will describe them will be relativized, melting togheter, one in the other.

Parts of the floor, as the footprint on the ground, will be made by mosaic porcelain, decorated as the ancient tradition in the land of Catalonia.

Structures are made of steel, but the method of construction provides coatings, both physically and perceptually even lighter. In addition to the ground floor windows, which will allow perfect visibility from all angles, the canopies, anchored with ropes, will get perfectly married to the near port area. All structural and overabundant weights will be eliminated, as an anchor from a boat.

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