British Pavilion

Biennale Architettura Venezia 2020

imprintedsigns + Alessandra Lione

Category: Competition

Year: 2019

Location: Venezia, Italy


The British Arkè

What if the world was nothing but a huge greenhouse?

©imprintedsigns / February 2019


The project for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of 2020 reflects on the deeper meaning of English architecture. The greenhouse is emerged as the most spontaneous and characteristic architectural element; it highlights: the dimensional development, freeing the geometry of the volumes from the weight of the mass, creates a transparent volume, eliminating the distinction between internal and external space and giving a strong prevalence to the void with respect to the solid; it achieves a brightness equal to the external one.

It can therefore be considered as the archetype, the prototype, the postulate, of British architecture: in its physical and spatial characteristics it can be viewed as an “atomic” -because it is no further divisible- a-spatial and a-dimensional element from wich can be formed a wide possibility of configurations.

©imprintedsigns / February 2019

©imprintedsigns / February 2019

©imprintedsigns / February 2019

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