Collerosso Conversion

Andrea Tonazzini

Category: Academic Project

Year: 2013

Location: Calci, Pisa, Italy

Oriented by: Luca Lanini, Antonello Boschi

In collaboration with: Clara Maria Siciliano

The theme of the project concerns the extension and conversion of a farmhouse into a Bed & breakfast through the potential of hypogean architecture .

The idea of architecture bind to the territory and traditions has been for us the main source of inspiration and an essential element from which begin.

In the early stages of conception we have tried to include the theme of nature and the surrounding landscape within our project. The subtraction of volume created on the facade, to allow full enjoyment of the landscape, has been taken in creating a patio, which illuminate the interior and the area in front of the rooms.

The relation between the old part of the building and the new zone of expansion is linked with a path that include a double-hight volume where you can relax enjoying the good Tuscan wine and reading some books.


Plan and Sections - ©andreatonazzini / June 2013

AT_External rendering

External rendering - ©andreatonazzini / June 2013

AT_Internal rendering

Internal rendering - ©andreatonazzini / June 2013

AT_Internal rendering

Internal rendering - ©andreatonazzini / June 2013

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