Modigliana Kindergarten

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Category: Competition

Year: 2018

Location: Modigliana, Italy


"What is a drawing?"

I asked.

"It's an idea with around a line"

A child answered.


Bruno Bozzetto



©imprintedsigns / December 2018

The project for the Kindergarten of Modigliana is conceived first of all as an urban reconfiguration: rethinking the external areas of the school - today very disordered and confused - will allow to suggest new visual guidelines and further developments for the entire area. The main character  will be provided by the enclosure: a shell of glass-brick spread out continuously along the entire perimeter with the function of closing and perceptually open to the external space. This choice makes it possible to illuminate the perimeter distribution corridor without generating elements or distracting motives towards the outside and at the same time enhancing the role of the central court.

©imprintedsigns / December 2018

©imprintedsigns / Dewcember 2018

©imprintedsigns / December 2018

©imprintedsigns / December 2018

©imprintedsigns / December 2018

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