Monovolume House

Andrea Tonazzini

Category: Academic Project

Year: 2015

Location: Porto, Portugal

Oriented by: Eliseu Gonçalves, José Gigante

In collaboration with: Filipa Russel Alves, Daniel Ferreira, Lisa Franke, Ana Luís

In an enclosed space is designed a modular house made in concrete .

The idea is a parallelepiped with minimal dimension and forniture for a temporary and limited use.

The general plan emphasizes the natural element itself and thanks to the position the park obtain a great importance.

The texture of the concrete tries to profess clearly the building's skeleton; glass, steel and wood are the other materials used.

Site Plan - ©andreatonazzini  2015

Elevations - ©andreatonazzini  2015

Sections - ©andreatonazzini  2015

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