Project for the riverside of Lo Barnechea in Santiago de Cile

Andrea Tonazzini

Category: Master's Thesis Project

Year: 2017

Location: Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Tutor: Arch. Luca Lanini, Arch. Mathias Klotz, Eng. Fabio Candido

The times we are living are part of an important historical period in which to focus our attention, since our actions or non-actions will change our future life. The town during the centuries has been the place of interventions aimed to better life conditions, but in South America has undergone discrimination, prejudice and conflicts.

Santiago de Chile / ©andreatonazzini / December 2017

The project for the space along the river of Lo Barnechea in Santiago originates from the opportunity to give an alternative to the extension of Costanera Norte motorway.

Protected by the mountain chain of Ande and by cerros islas, Lo Barnechea features the development of Mapocho river and gathers one of the wealthiest populations of Chile, but unlike other areas, reveals a segment of less well-off dwellers as well. It is therefore the perfect background for the development of a project for an integrated housing estate.

Lo Barnechea / ©andreatonazzini / December 2017

The path-structure-limit, seen as an open work subject to changing and adapting according to present and future needs, is the strategy to redetermine, according to landscape, the communication between the dwellers and their river.

Plans and Sections / ©andreatonazzini / December 2017

Housing units / ©andreatonazzini / December 2017

©andreatonazzini / December 2017

©andreatonazzini / December 2017

Architectural maquette  / ©andreatonazzini / December 2017

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