Sédhiou Cultural Center

Wells for knowledge


Category: Competition

Year: 2018

Location: Sédhiou, Senegal


It’s the illusory veil that wraps the eyes of mortals and makes them see a world of which it cannot be said that it exists, nor that it does not exist; because [...] it resembles the dream, it resembles the reflection of the sun on the sand, which the pilgrim from afar exchanges for water; or even resembles the rope thrown to the ground that he takes for a snake.


Arthur Schopenhauer



©imprintedsigns / April 2018

A cultural centre firstly must be a meeting square between different cultures.  A house for learning, a market for reciprocal exchange, a civil temple in which show and display a hardly acquired knowledge.


But what does culture really represent? Well, culture is a rare and precious thing. Just like water, we could say that culture is the most essential element for a community: it must be carefully collected, wisely preserved and equally distributed among the entire population in order to have always enough for all.

©imprintedsigns / April 2018

The towers, strong and vertical element, will be a sort of “fortification”, a symbol of everyone's right to drink from the source of culture: it is here that the link between the two key elements of the project becomes manifest in all its power.


Peoples from Senegal transmit their culture by their own voices playing and singing popular songs: to do this, they spontaneously distribute themselves in a circle, drawing in the empty space a frame of men, an ancestral and maternal embrace. The central cavea, a natural amphitheater, will therefore be the space dedicated to socialization.

©imprintedsigns / April 2018

©imprintedsigns / April 2018

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