Siracusa Lighthouse Resort

Walk Down to Sea

Michele Grazzini, Giacomo Massoni, Andrea Tonazzini, Andrea Benincasa

Category: Competition

Year: 2016

Location: Siracusa, Italy

Urbem Syracusas Maximam Esse Graecorum,

Pulcherrimamque Omnium Saepe Audistis.

Est, Iudices, Ita, Ut Dicitur;


[Cicero, Verr. II, 4, 117]



You have often heard that Syracuse is the greatest of the Greek cities, and the most beautiful of all.

It is so, O judges, as it’s said to be.


[Cicerone, Verr. II, 4, 117]

IS_Walk Down to Sea

There are some places, surely unique more than rare, in which man is like an intruder and he must have the prudence to be included in them as little as possible.

“Murro di Porco” is one of these places. The Lighthouse resort will be composed by a parallelepiped with all the services (which it is the projection of an existing building) and by private suites implanted in nature with the Hippodamian settlement criteria.

All the elements are in relation with the lighthouse, the land and the sea.

IS_Walk Down to Sea
IS_Walk Down to Sea

Framed by the sea, Syracuse is spreading like an open hand, it seems to float like a raft with his rock barely elevated above the water. Syracuse, mythical city, Greek as only Greece could be.

The long building is stretched to the horizon: maybe just on top of a cliff we really tend to think about infinity.

Modular blocks of the hotel suites descend in the “rock-raft” like pawns in a chessboard: the millennial Hippodamian scheme is still alive.

IS_Walk Down to Sea

Our project is a walk down to the sea, along the footsteps of the classical authors like Theocritus and Cicero, or the adventurer Caravaggio landed on these rocks on his return from Malta.

Someone said that art is “the Sunday of Life”. The dream of this architecture -not only an hotel, a restaurant or a spa- is to live this place like “the holiday of everyday”.

IS_Walk Down to Sea
IS_Walk Down to Sea

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